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Decorative LEDs

Transparent Narrow Beam

RGB / Monochromatic: Management through:

  • DMX 512 controllers & converters 0-10V or 1-10V or simple push buttons.
  • Wireless IR & RF control units.
  • DALI Protocol devices.

-Ideal as linear spotlights in interior applications.
-Concealed lighting, lighting behind plexiglass, illumination of paintings, bars, walls and other surfaces.
-Available in the length of 250, 5 00,1000mm.

Code* No.LED /Colour Watt Length

TUB.072 /CC
36 (12per colour) 3W 250mm
TUB.073 /CC 72 (24per colour) 6W 500mm
TUB.074 /CC 144 (48per colour) 12W 1000mm
Voltage: 24VDC
Diameter: 32mm
*CC=Common Cathode







TUB.087 36 COOL WHITE 3W 250mm
TUB.088 72 COOL WHITE 6W 500mm
TUB.089 144 COOL WHITE 12W 1000mm
TUB.077 144 BLUE 12W 1000mm
TUB.086 144 GREEN 12W 1000mm
TUB.080 144 RED 12W 1000mm
Voltage: 24VDC
Diameter: 32mm

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