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Lighting Management & Control Systems


APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS are heavy duty, durable, portable, compact dimmer packs that can satisfy even the highest user requirements! APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS are the most intelligent and technologically advanced digital dimmers that can be used in all cases, such as in stages, touring, theaters, studios etc. The complete range of APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS series consists of over 500 versions. Both series of dimmer packs are of modern design and high performance.
The housing of APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS is made of aluminium with 3mm thickness, resistible to every strain and crash that  could occur during transportation or installation.  All control sliders and dimmer outputs are located at the front side of APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS to allow easy access and operation. These do not extend from the aluminium cover, for further protection.  The robust handle on the right side of APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS allows easy carrying and truss mounting. APOLLO and APOLLO PLUS can also be mounted on wall or rack and can be operated horizontally or vertically.




  • Suitable to control incandescent lamps, iron core transformers for low voltage incandescent lamps, resistive and inductive loads.
  • Hard firing to ensure proper triggering.
  • High quality output filters with rise time up to 100μs.
  • Output led monitors.
  • Heavy duty fuse holders for S models and circuit breakers for C models.
  • DMX 512 in/out (XLR 5pin connectors).
  • Indication of DMX “Fault” status.
  • Programmable start address.
  • DMX signal buffer.
  • Termination switch.
  • Holding of last DMX value.
  • Programmable behaviour on DMX signal interruption.
  • Five- digit numeric display.
  • Four- button keypad, two of which can be programmed by the user as function keys.
  • Menu driven software.
  • Password for settings protection.
  • Three laws selected by the user (Linear, Halogen and Fluorescent).
  • Selectable switched output (non dim).
  • Programmable preheat level per channel.
  • Programmable percentage of output voltage per channel.
  • Programmable soft turn-on per channel.
  • Analogue control inputs 0/+10V (9 pin D-sub male connector).
  • 20VDC output for supplying external analogue control desk.Models C are supplied with channel sliders + master.
  • Twenty four programmable memories.
  • Twelve programmable chasers.
  • Twelve factory-set chasers.
  • Memory or Chaser assignment of sliders (Models C only).
  • Watchdog timer.
  • Silent operation DC speed controlled, fan assisted convection cooling.
  • Overheating detection.
  • Auto power handling at high temperature condition.
  • Power Failure and Power Off modes on low power supply voltage.
  • Disabled output on power supply overvoltage.
  • Heavy duty handle.
  • Truss mounting.
  • Rack mounting.
  • Wall mounting for Apollo Plus models 610-616 only.
  • Start up diagnostic tests: Microcontrollers selftest, Memories test, Fan test.
  • Diagnostic tests of sliders and pushbuttons. 
  • 60-step Loop Function.

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