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Exterior Linear


Protagon Series of wall washers is the highest in performance of all wall washers offered. It is designed to highlight buildings with grand presence that stand out from their surroundings.

  • Unit pitch: 6 cm. Pitch is maintained between luminaries.
  • Control: DMX-512. Galvanic isolated.
  • DMX Resolution: Normal (8bit), High (16bit).
  • Dimming Steps: 65535 steps, for very smooth dimming.
  • DMX Channels: User selectable from 2 channels (for all groups) up to 5 channels /per group.
  • Dimming Curves: Linear, Logarithmic, Square.
  • Gamma correction: Yes. From 2,5 to 1/2,5 in steps of 0,1.
  • Anti-glare: Optional Anti-glare accessory.
  • Setup: From external Setup Programmer.
  • Over temperature protection: The wattage of the LED is automatically readjusted in case the temperature exceeds safety levels.
  • Ingress Protectionon: IP66
  • Connectors: Input, Output connectors for power supply and DMX signal.
  • Power Factor: >0,98 *Operation Ambient temperature: -25ºC / +50ºC.
  • Power Supply: 90-277VAC 50-60Hz
  • Weight 60/90/120/150cm: 6,41 / 10,44 / 11,80 / 15,14kgs
  • IK Rate: IK04

No. of LEDs per 60cm:

  • 10x4 LEDs (4in1) for Monochromatic and Tunable White models.
  • 10 multi colour LEDs (4in1) for RGBW models.
L90/B10 50000h RGBW

L90/B10 50000h Red, Green, Blue
L70/B10 50000h Amber
L70/B10 36000h White


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