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Lighting Management & Control Systems


ACTOR is an advanced series of dimmers of compact and robust construction using DMX-512 and analogue 0/+10V control technology. They combine high quality and reliability. On the front panel of each ACTOR there are six channel sliders (three sliders for ACTOR 325) and a Master control. The units are designed for 19´´rack mounting 3U high (4U for Actor 625) in fixed installations or touring racks. The DMX address can be selected through the 4 push buttons mounted on the front panel. There is a display indicating the correct or incorrect condition of the digital serial input, one monitor LED per output status and three LEDs for the power supply.



  • Soft start adjustable per channel.
  • Preheat level adjustable per channel.
  • 3 Selectable Laws (curves) per channel: Linear, Incandescent, Switch.
  • 12 Pre-programmed chases with capability of adjusting the speed and the intensity.
  • Possibility of selecting Dimmer with standard chokes or 100μs rise time (at additional cost) which is recommended for high professional applications. ACTOR 325 and ACTOR 625 are supplied standard with 100μs rise time.
  • Programmable behaviour on DMX signal interruption (blackout or hold of last DMX address).
  • Soft power up for inrush current limiting when the power is switched on.
  • Suitable for controlling resistive or inductive loads, incandescent lamps and iron-core transformers to supply low voltage lamps.
  • RCD can be supplied in all ACTOR models at additional cost.
  • MCBs P+N can be supplied in all ACTOR models at additional cost.
  • ACTOR 616, ACTOR 325 & ACTOR 625 are normally supplied with triac outputs. Thyristor outputs which are recommended for high professional applications, are available at additional cost.

ACTOR series is normally supplied with XLR 5-pin DMX IN/OUT, alternatively XLR 3-pin DMX IN/OUT can be supplied at no additional cost.


  • With 6 channels
  • 5750W channel capacity (Watts at 230V)

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