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Lighting Management & Control Systems




-   The PREMIUM Controllers can accept data from analogue inputs, from the build-in control panel, and from the digital DMX-512 signal.
-   Each of the analogue inputs can operate in one of the following six modes: 0/+10V, 0/+5V Contact normal open, Contact normal closed, Easy Net, Push Button Switches. Thus, you can connect to the PREMIUM Controllers the MICON E and BS Control Panels of ELECTRON SA, simple faders, dry contacts, motion detectors, push buttons, cinema projectors (using the cinema adaptor of ELECTRON SA) and other. Each analogue input can be programmed to activate a scene, user chaser, factory chaser or channel.
-   When connecting the PREMIUM Controllers to a DMX-512 Control Desk, the user may disable all or some of the analogue inputs and, thus, deactivate the architectural control panels. The DMX-512 input is totally controlled allowing the user to select the start address or the DMX address for each channel independently, and to program the DMX address in many channels simultaneously so as to increase the power of a control channel.

-   The PREMIUM Series can be connected to the Emergency power supply and can be activated through a dry contact, in which case the PREMIUM allows the operation of a pre-programmed single scene, thus avoiding the overloading of uninterrupted power supply.

-   The PREMIUM Controllers are available with MCBs, MCBs P+N, RCBOs, main switch, RCCB, three phase and single phase power supply, and Delta (230V~ 3/PE).
-   ELECTRON S.A. produces 17 models of the PREMIUM 68 & 37 Series with different specifications.



- Trailing Edge Dimmers
- Leading Edge Dimmers

- Relay switches
- HF Fluorescent controllers
- Power rating from 6A to 25A per channel


  • Stage and / or architectural operation.
  • DMX-512 input.
  • Independent DMX address for each channel.
  • Soft Patch for DMX channels.
  • Programmable DMX assigns. Each DMX channel can be programmed to activate a channel or a scene or a user chaser or a factory chaser.
  • 12 fully programmable analogue inputs.
  • Soft Patch for analogue inputs.
  • Programmable analogue input assigns. Each analogue input can be programmed to activate a channel or a scene or a user chaser or a factory chaser.
  • Six programmable operating modes for each analogue input (0/+10V, 0/+5V, Contact normal open, Contact normal closed, Easy Net, Push Button).
  • Programmable Blocking function for each analogue input. Each analogue input can be blocked by a programmable DMX channel, if present.
  • Control capability from all E and BS Series of architectural control panels by Electron S.A.
  • Control capability from simple faders, dry contacts, motion detectors, cinema projectors (using the cinema adaptor), push button switches (like legrand).
  • Individual configuration of power units in the same enclosure.
  • 24 programmable scenes with fade in/out (0sec-59min and 59,9sec.)
  • 12 user chasers with programmable fade in/out (0sec-59,9sec.), speed rate (0,05sec-59,99sec.) and dimmer level.
  • 12 factory chasers with programmable fade in/out (0sec-59,9sec.), speed rate (0,05sec-59,99sec.) and dimmer level.
  • Programmable preheat level per channel.
  • Programmable soft start per channel.
  • Programmable channel fade in/out (0sec-59,9sec.) per channel.
  • Law selection per channel: linear, incandescent, switch (with selectable switch over point from 5-95% of  the fader scale).
  • Programmable behaviour on DMX signal loss (Blackout or hold of last DMX data packet or go to scene 24).
  • Programmable maximum output level per channel.
  • Two programmable function keys that can be assigned as Panic and Fire alarm buttons.
  • LCD display and keyboard on the front panel for easy programming.
  • Password protected.
  • Automatic power control to prevent over-heating.
  • MCB protection for each channel (MCBs P+N are available as extra).
  • Main Switch 3P+N or RCCB are available as extra.
  • Three phase power supply (Single phase power supply upon request).
  • Delta models available upon request.

Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) :
PREMIUM 37 :  346 x 550 x 110


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