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Exterior Ceiling, Inground, Wall, Surface, Bollard

Terragon 40

Terragon is the newest inground series engineered with premium materials. Terragon 40 is the smallest luminaire that guarantees outstanding performance and durability. The aluminum housing and stainless steel frame offer superior resistance to weathering and corrosion, ensuring enduring aesthetic appeal. TERRAGON 40 provides a perfect blend of form and function, featuring a sleek and modern design that will elevate any outdoor space. It is perfect for wall washing, as it provides a uniform and consistent distribution of light ensuring evenly illuminated surfaces. TERRAGON 40 comes with customizable tilt angle, offering designers control over the final lighting outcome.


  • TERRAGON 40 offers excellent uniformity and colour consistency.
  • Antiglare control through the use of either honeycomb or micro louvre options. Optional for all models.
  • Supplied with input cable & IP 68 connector as standard.
  • Possibility for in-out cables & connectors upon request as extra.
  • Walk Over: Up to 500kg (5kN).
  • Maximum Static Load: Up to 2000kg (20kN).
  • Ingress Protection: IP68/IP67
  • Adjustable tilt angle ±15° for the IP67 model.
  • Fixed tilt angle 0°,2.5°,5.0°,7.5° for the IP68 model.
  • Recessed & Flat Recessed models.
  • Suitable for marine and harsh environment applications.
  • IK Rate: IKO7
  • Cost effective & Constant Power models at 24VDC.
  • High efficient models from 24VDC up to 48VDC.


Constant Power for RGBW & TW models provides:

  •  Up to 400% more color intensity (per color) compared to conventional directional models.
  • Lighting power remains constant regardless of the selected color combination.


L90/B10 >50.000h
for monochromatic models
L70/B10 >50.000h
for RGBW & TW models

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